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  • michael_terrillion michael_terrillion Sep 2, 2013 11:29 PM Flag

    Starpharma may be on to a good thing

    •AFTER some difficult times, the stars are finally beginning to align for listed biotechnology company Starpharma.
    With any luck the first revenues from the sale of its Vivagel coated condoms should begin to roll in this year from partners Ansell and/or Okamoto.
    The large pharmaceutical groups are showing considerable interest in companies that can add life to their drug patents by improving the delivery or efficacy of the drugs.
    Starpharma's dendrimer nanotechnology can certainly do that by making drugs soluble in water, removing the need for harsh detergent additives that cause nasty side-effects.
    But the really interesting thing being thrown up by tests on its enhanced version of the blockbuster cancer drug docetaxel is that it is not only much less toxic but also much more effective in accumulating within tumours and remaining active.
    Chief executive Dr Jackie Fairley said tests had shown that the both the duration of the effective ingredient in the blood and the amount accumulating within tumours were much greater when docetaxel was formulated with dendrimers.
    "Our dendrimer technology potentially has wide application in improving more than half of all leading pharmaceuticals," said Dr Fairley.
    There is no secret why it is going after docetaxel given its sales of $US2.14 billion in 2009, but there is a long list of other potential drugs that could benefit from improved delivery mechanisms.
    The key value-enhancing activity for Starpharma would be if one of its existing partnerships with AstraZeneca, Lilly or GlaxoSmithKline progressed to a product-based licence agreement.
    That would enhance the value of Starpharma's entire dendrimer platform, given that early-stage nanomedical deals in 2013 so far have totalled more than $700 million.
    The other thing I like about Starpharma is that it has lots of irons in the fire.
    Its phase-three Vivagel trials for relieving sym

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    • @michael-terrillion
      Please use quotation marks when you are quoting someone else.
      This article says nothing that could not have been said a year ago, except the failure of the phase three bacterial vaginosis to get "statistical significance" in their cure rate. It certainly will be "luck" to get condoms
      approved and on the market, as WHERE do you see that even an application to the FDA has ever been made? Thee company "has been hoping" for years. How ingenuous of you to keep quoting these hype pieces without some real evidence that things have somehow changed?

      • 1 Reply to chessen29
      • Chessen... when you post.. post how you please.. and, I'll do the same! It's pretty obvious this is an article and not something I wrote. IF I want a English lesson, I'll go back to highschool. I dont need nor care for your dirction.. nor perspective. You've obviously grown old and sour on this particular stock. That's your perogative. The info shared above is a cut and paste from the Herald Sun... also on the company website. Yahoo does not allow web link connections in articles so that reference along w the top part of the page was deleted.... if you cant "appreciate" or find value in info that the company is putting out.. posting to their website & investor presentations such as... "condom product currently under regulatroy reveiw" .. then perhaps it's time for you to find another stock to follow.. find another board.. I'm sure you'll find plenty of grammar mistakes in other's posts.. and heck.. u might even like the company.. If u go back and re-read my post.. I suggested .. that the Writer questioning condom progress... considering contacting Starpharma and inquire.. WHO the condom product application is "under regulatory review" with .. "Is it the FDA?" in USA ..or "is it some regulatory review board in Oz"? Or .. "Japan" .. (quoatations ok?) Try reading more closely and criticizing less! And if you can't do that.. consider shoving off!

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