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  • nhoutsideobserver nhoutsideobserver Jul 23, 2014 8:02 PM Flag

    After Hours Trades a Joke

    Really have to think the after hours trades were painting the tape by some short sellers. Earnings report looked decent.

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    • As a long-term holder w/ a cost basis around 25, I actually unloaded 100 shares last night at $30, expecting that it would take a while for people to see the numbers. I actually thought it would drop to $27 today so I could scoop them right back up. I'm still very long, and I love the company's niche, just tried to make a quick buck on a trade

    • D`own 7.5%. There are not that many shares, so it does not take much to beat it down. great reports over the last few years have spoiled some investors who do not understand that TIS was exhausting there Oklahoma centric market and needed to expand. The base of the company is there and now it is time to grow. I think that is why they brought in the new CEO. They are also trying to support the existing market plus start the national push. to create a balanced portfolio it is hard to find personal care kind of product companies that are not trading at extreme valuations. Also nice to collect the dividends while you wait, which is not the case in many growth companies. To quadruple to $1 billion company, they need to grow 4X. Take one of those large companies. To quadruple they need revenues in access of $100 billion and pay a low dividend. I need to listen to the conference call which is just starting. Good luck londs.

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    • I'm not so sure myself, but the main part about this for me is that they are setting themselves up better for the future. They pay a healthy dividend, they are clearly making money, and this quarters' numbers reflect them setting themselves up for expansion and efficiency in the the future (increase in promotional activities and the 30 mill upgrade, and their last deal they made). It's not like the quarterly numbers went down b/c of anything negative.

    • I agree. Unless I'm reading it wrong, the 7% drop in trading after hours on Nasdaq is based on a trade of 150 shares. See this link.

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