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  • dillonalex Feb 7, 2011 12:35 PM Flag

    Muscle Pharm to explode

    I have an amazing feeling about muscle pharm right now at this price. think about whats happening with this company. they are acquiring premier athlete sponsors, getting product placement in the top supplement stores and attracting attention from a lot of investors. There is no way MSLP will stay at 10 cents for much longer. I give it a valuation of 1 dollar in a month from now. Sales and earnings reports will be sure to topple quarters past. Strong Buy for now. Lets hope for more good news in the days to come

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    • oops. Looks like they do use the deceit of "proprietary blend". Says it right on their labels.

    • haha, well a lot of supplements rely on the deceit of “proprietary blend” so that would actually make MP’s products unique. Sure though, you can twist it into anything you like at this point.

    • Then we agree. MusclePharm products are nothing special or unique in any way. That's what I said at the beginning.

    • And that is exactly my point. See how you came full circle in one post, we are agreeing here. Proprietary blends usually not not enhance a product and are deceitful -- this is why it is good that MP does not rely on a proprietary blend.

    • I know plenty. What would you like to know?

      Do myself a favor? Read and learn - there are no "regulations" on proprietary blends. That is just a phrase companies use to trick you into thinking that the product is something more special than other products.

    • Yeah, we actually agree. Once again, as I mentioned, the ingredients in Assault are tried and true, as in they are not earth shattering - they have been around for a long time but they work.

      Do yourself a favor and actually research the regulations of proprietary blends in supplements and how misleading they are.

      I actually know the industry and products extremely well and have tried many similiar supplements. I am more curious about your knowledge and usage of supplements.

    • I'm not looking for an argument. That being said you are completely wrong about their "proprietary blend".

      You say, "The majority of proprietary blends consist of sugar and other useless ingredients that are simply fillers." Where did you come up with this? MusclePham did nothing but copy already existing products. Nothing that they have is "proprietary" in the least.

      And there are many, many good products out there without "useless ingredients". Either you don't know the industry and products or you are trying very hard to promote MusclePharm. And that's fine if you are but their products are nothing special and certainly not proprietary. Run of the mill is more like it.

    • It just seems like you are looking for an argument. Also, your point about a "proprietary blend" does not support your view point at all. The majority of proprietary blends consist of sugar and other useless ingredients that are simply fillers. If you look at the ingredients of Assault they are tried and true and have been proven to work. It is not an earth shatter new blend but the few of its kind to use ingredients that actually work without dressing it up will fillers.
      Besides all of this, once again, the numbers will speak for themselves. Let's wait to hear the sales of Jan.1.

    • Those are all facts. Correct any if they are not.

      I realize that those of you who have money invested are emotionally tied to this stock but that still does not change the facts.

      You should be thanking me for telling the truth about this company with all the pumpers on here.

      Look at the title of this thread. Ridiculous.

    • You are not really giving any "facts". I do not see the sense in arguing -- why are you on this board? Also, you clearly have a different view point than the majority of those posting, so why don't you just wait for the numbers to come out and then say something meaningful. Everything is all hearsay...when the numbers come out they will speak for themselves.

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