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  • coach2277 coach2277 Apr 11, 2011 1:09 AM Flag



    I can accept your opinions and observations of the company, as you are entitled to on a chat board. I seriously don't believe investors put too much faith in either the ultra positive nor the ultra negative posts such as you have expressed here. It appears that you have a personal vendetta regarding the company. If so, you may have a legitimate beef, and were possibly wronged by the company at some point in time. If so, I can understand your hatred and side with you if it's a legitimate gripe. But C'mom man, file a lawsuit against the company if that's the case and stop taking your case to a Yahoo chat room!! Geez!!. I've read the financial reports as everyone! It wasn't pretty, but I don't believe anyone expected anything more( a bit worse than I thought), but as a new company those results along with the increased marketing are understandable (in a way) However, and more importantly, we're investing on it's future. But understand, as investors, we have much at stake in the future success of MSLP. Obviously, as all of us know, the company isn't a profit pig. However, this is a penny stock, and I believe with their aggressive marketing they are on the right track to profitability. I also know they've had major manufacturing and distribution this year. If you follow penny stocks, most are just: " we have a great product, sales will be big, invest in us". However, they have no marketing strategy, no viable product or distribution, if they had a product at all. But with MSLP, they have some incredible marketing, marketable products, and a distribution plan with potential for future growth. Hopefully they can turn this into profit. Only time will tell. I'm not getting into a pissing match with you, and I'm not some pumper so don't go that slanted route. Coach

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