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  • nyyankees011 nyyankees011 Apr 22, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    Special Meeting and Proxy

    I find this whole process very interesting.

    1. I have yet to receive my proxy info in the mail. My shares are not in street name. Given mailing delays I am wondering if it is even legal to provide such a short turnaround on a proxy. I am not versed on SEC requirements, but given how green this management team is I would not put a major mistake (I mean more major mistakes) past them.

    2. I started to think about the meeting. I am trying to adjust my travel schedule since this is just something that I have got to see. I don't know anything about the world headquarters of MSLP, but I am very curious to see how they are going to pull this off. The company leadership does not have experience in these matters and I am interested in if they come off as the idiots that have driven the stock price down 94% or if they appear to be the right guys to help the company recover.

    3. I am also interested in the logistical aspects of the meeting. Most companies rent meeting halls for these events. While I don't expect many people to attend, where are they going to put people? If even 30 people show up, how are they going to handle it? Do they have a conference room of that size? Do they have an auditorium? If so, I wonder how many shares that is costing us. I am imaging a circus with chairs in a parking lot or warehouse.

    4. I find it interesting that they have done zero to promote the proxy. Why is that? Do they want to slide this by us? I have a real difficult time understanding how they are going to establish a quorum. That will require 45mm shares to vote beyond the officers. There does not appear to be institutional ownership, most proxies generate a very low return rate and the turnaround is just too short.

    I can't wait for the reports of the meeting as I think this is going to be fund to watch.

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