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  • bioship05 bioship05 Apr 24, 2011 1:20 PM Flag

    Medicaid and PEPFAR facts

    Recon is still not characterized re. pharmacokenetics with antivirals -which a protocal is in development for (and people would know if they actually understood therapeutic development in this field) ..and as for "AIDS charities", as asked by a poster here on the MSLP. message board, 90%+ of HV therapy in developing nations take their cues from PEPFAR via SCMS through the COPS (this is a bit more complex then selling at GNC) and the Global Fund which ascribes to WHO bulk procurement listing-which takes about 4-6 months-Also the #1 issue is protein deficiencies leading to marasmus in developing nations (like South Central L.A and the Bronx)
    It is necessary to treat not only the symptoms but also the complications of the disorder, including infections, dehydration, and circulation disorders, which are frequently lethal and lead to high mortality if ignored.
    Ultimately, marasmus can progress to the point of no return when the body's machinery for protein synthesis, itself made of protein, has been degraded to the point that it cannot handle any protein. At this point, attempts to correct the disorder by giving food or protein are futile.
    Antiretroviral drug resistance is ascribed to a number of factors, including viral dynamics that cause elevations of specific cytokines that increase inflammation, as seen by the FRAM study at CROI and in a lot of other peer review lit.

    Due to the need to reduce shipping burdens (i.e fuel) via SCMS to programs on the ground and the convenience of Musclegel, (3 oz for 20+ grams of protein) I've personally see this product work where K-pax, Resurgex and Nutravir failed-and as for "high protein" Ensure-well its great if you don't mind making patients diabetic and suffer diarrhea

    I don't work for the company, don't own a major position-but as a provider in the field and a community based epidemiologist, located in the South Bronx-but at this point there really are lives at stake as well as a new means of addressing the science of treating involuntary morbid weight loss in chronically ill patients. I'm a biotech investor and tired of seeing good companies with good products (and bad companies with good products) have to fight the opinions of short sellers, disgruntled employees, etc as well as the postings of the idiot pumpers-free speech has its place-but not in an O.R or a cockpit-Musclegel isn't a "cure", just a great way to get much needed protein into patients who have no appetite, food insecurity and subject to serious involuntary muscle loss-just like Juven-w/o the 12 oz 2x a day (which inevitably leads to adherence fatigue)

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