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  • trader799 trader799 May 17, 2011 7:49 PM Flag

    Proxy Update

    I proxy was approved, which will be stated in the 10Q. There is no plan for future dilution at this time.

    $100million revenue within 2 years. I cant wait for Tuna to admit that the stock was a good buy at $.05.

    Get in now while you still can make a ton of money

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    • jeries May 19, 2011 4:11 PM Flag

      absolutely .

    • Let me make something clear, I am the reliable source I was referencing(I say this because I think my opinions are reliable). I have have no inside information other than my opinions and guesses just like everyone else on this message board. I read sometime ago that extensions on 10Q's tend to be 10 days, so my guess was Monday based on the 10 day extension. as far as the proxy this was an educated guess based on the fact that I didnt get my proxy until the day of the shareholder meeting. I assumed no mangement team would put together a vote if they didnt already know they had the votes needed for approval.

      Investing is a game of educated guesses in my opinion. We are all guessing that their growth will continue and we will all make a ton of money.

      On a second note I have not bought or sold shares in over 2 months. I plan on buying more or selling my shares based on what the actual 10Q report says, if it is ever released. HAHA

      Who knows, maybe I will become a bear just like TUNA, but based on the companies current press releases, I dont see this happening.

    • Trader - if you see SEC or FBI come up on you caller Id do not pick up the phone. You were the recipient of material inside information and then, like an idiot, posted it on a message board. So whoever told you broke the law and then you committed your own offense by posting it. You may need to sit out a few Mensa meetings.

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      • Its not insider information unless an idividual buys or sells stock based on the information they have been given. As far as the 10Q, extentions are given and they have a set amount of extra days. I dont know what that is, but my guess is within the SEC rules, Monday is the last day of the extension, so Trader may be guessing at this. As far as the proxy, my guess is that it is approved, just based on the timing, the compnay had to know they would get the votes needed to approve. Anyone who thinks the proxy didnt get approved is an idiot.

        If you think what Trader posted is inside information you are also an idiot. Every person on yahoo mesasge boards guesses and state things that are personal opinions and are mostly fiction. I would do your own research instead of relying on idiots telling you information that may or may not be true.

        I do like this company as well, but waiting to read that 10Q before I buy any more shares. I want to see what their actual spending was as I think this will be key to this company continuing to grow.

    • 100mil in 2 years. Stop it you're killing me. That's funny. You guys crack me up.

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