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  • coach2277 coach2277 May 18, 2011 12:26 AM Flag

    Proxy Update


    Hi Gands55,

    Thanks for the compliment. First, I think the term "excited" may be an overstatement. However, I am optimistic about the potential of this company.

    Roughly 10 years ago I was burned by an OTCBB stock and lost quiet a bit. I fell hook line and sinker for that company's lies and deception, and since vowed to never look at an OTCBB stock again.

    That company, now non existent, never had a viable product. The PR's were laced with promises of grandeur. I actually spoke with the President and CEO of that scam on several occasions when I had doubts, and was assured that my investment was safe. It wasn't, and I lost it all. However, MSLP is a whole different ball game as I'll explain.

    My mistake was that I never did the research and due diligence needed when investing in a new OTCBB company, and merely relied on opinions of others and the phone conversations with the principals of that company.

    In late January or February I stumbled across MSLP. I was obviously skeptical, but also a bit intrigued. So I did the research and due diligence needed(almost daily, and continue as of this date), and found that there is a great deal of potential in Muscle Pharm.

    Kinda like the phrase: ("Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"). I'm absolutely confident through my research this time around that this OTCBB company, MSLP, has strong potential and I won't be fooled again.

    As for a new and establishing company with little working capital, I find Muscle Pharm's marketing exceptional! They are achieving world wide exposure, and that is HUGE! This is night and day from the scam that I invested in years ago.

    In regards to the financial aspect of the business, I believe MSLP needs some guidance. I have a degree in Accounting (and no, I'm not the stereotyped little guy with dark rimmed glassed sneering at people that walk by as I'm counting beans). lol. But this company in time,(sooner the better) needs a better degree of fiscal accountability.

    Late filing extensions do trouble me. There may be extraordinary circumstances that may need to be addressed before the filing. I don't know! However, if I'm not the fly on the wall, or there personally, I can't make any warranted assumptions.

    In conclusion, it's my personal and professional belief that MSLP has some pretty decent potential. It's new, and will have stumbles, growing pains (financial pressures),etc. But overall I'm confident about this investment.
    I'd advise everyone to do their own due diligence and not rely on message board posts to make their investment decisions.

    This was a little too wordy, but that's me. Coach

    This topic is deleted.
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