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  • coach2277 coach2277 May 28, 2011 3:20 AM Flag

    Regarding the post by pmscola81


    What is your source that MSLP paid $50,000 for a stock pump/promotion?

    Please explain, and back up your accusation with specific facts, not assumption or conjecture!

    I read the link that you supplied in your post. Thank you. I'm always searching for information
    regarding my investment, and appreciate the opinions of others.

    However, the articles written by Ms. Shishkova are obviously biased toward the negative aspects, and quite misleading.

    I posted this week regarding the principles of Accounting. I tried to put it in very basic terminology. The balancing of coins in ones pockets, right/left on a corporate Balance Sheet.

    Ms. Shishikova stated in her article that MSLP had 26m in accumulated deficit. That's true. However, that is offset by the additional paid-in-capital which she stated as missing! OMG! This goes right back to the asset and liability principles of accounting (the right and left pockets).

    Obviously, she doesn't understand corporate accounting practices, or chose to simply ignore it.

    In her articles negative slant, she also ignored (and I'm sure intentionally) the increased sales figures for the company. She also stated that MSLP is a "development-stage company". HUH?

    What does she mean with that statement? Development stage companies are that, developing products to eventually go to the marketplace.

    MSLP products are already placed in major retail establishments, on line websites and marketed globally.

    If she intended to say it's a new and developing company, then I'll give her credit. It is!

    As far as the supposed $50,000 for paid pumpers. If true, which I doubt. What would the actual cost be or a company that engages in that activity?

    20 or so posts on a Yahoo message board, hitting the "send all" button for email alerts to their subscribers, and the labor costs of a person manning the fax machine sending random faxes to businesses. (I've had those weekly).

    $50,000 for that? I'll take a line from the movie The Sandlot, "You're killing me Smalls".

    This topic is deleted.
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    • read the articles and related links. the information is written in plain clear english. This is a typical process for OTC stocks and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. And, this appears to be a fairly common practice for MSLP.

      Anyone that understands how to read a balance sheet understands the principals and what accumulated deficit means. You can not spin the 26m into something positive by moving coins from one pocket to the next.

    • Coach you apparently didn't see the other boards out there that were hammered with post after post. Yahoo wasn't even touched. As far a $50,000 goes. I wouldn't doubt it at all. It would fall right in line with their other overspending on promotion.

      I posted this looked like what was setting up prior to the market opening. I said scalp the pop and watch it fall. That's exactly what it did.

      I think the real take away is the action itself. By stooping to this "pump and dump" to spike the stock price and then dilute into the higher price at the expense of the existing shareholders and new buyers speaks volumes for this company and it's management.

      You want to invest in a company that does this? Go ahead.

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