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  • coach2277 coach2277 Jun 4, 2011 1:22 AM Flag

    Its down now but it will will will rebound


    Hey kid, I'm not a pumper! I'm a major investor in this company.

    Here's a little business information for you. Please take heed!

    A company does "NOT" experience profits in the first years of operation.

    Maybe the shoe shine boy at the airport restroom turns a profit in the first week of operations, as he has very few expenses. I'll try to draw the rest of this out in crayons for you!

    How much capital (money) did he need to start? $10 dollars? $2 dollars for a stool, $8 dollars for other expenses: Polish, $2 for black, $2 for brown, $2 for gray, and $2 dollars for a buffing cloth!

    He has no marketing, advertising, or product development expenses. The public walks to him!

    In the corporate world, it's imperative that a company reach out to the public via a strategic marketing plan, a targeted advertising campaign, and acquire adequate financing! And young man, it's not cheap!

    Yes, MSLP lost money due to marketing, advertising, promotions, and other business related expenses, it's part of doing business!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However, they are realizing the fruits of their efforts (spending)though increased sales!

    Instead of enrolling into Tounoup's University of Bashing, you may want to consider taking courses at an accredited University to learn business management.

    As far as us old fart idiots, we were young guns too at one time, and still are!!

    If Edison was an old fart idiot, turn off your lights. If Gates is an old fart idiot, turn off your computer. If a Veteran who fought in the military is an old fart idiot, consider yourself an idiot for posting your rant!

    All old farts if you will,
    have made your life easier, convenient, and safer!

    I've coached young men for many years. And I'll say that 99.9% have been incredible athletes and remarkable individuals. They had respect for others, respect for the game, and respect for their opponents. Which is my philosophy on how I've coached through the years.

    You young man, are a disgrace to your tremendous generation! Hopefully you'll mature, and understand. I honestly wish the best for you! I really do!

    If you wish to sell your shares on Monday, I'll gladly buy them! I'd suggest you hold, as this company has tremendous potential.

    This topic is deleted.
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