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  • pollanda pollanda Aug 21, 2011 10:54 AM Flag

    Are sales really declining?

    Since there has been a persistent claim over the past couple of weeks that MusclePharm's sales are declining, I've been recording (daily) the sales rankings of various MusclePharm products on, which is the world's #1 online supplement store. The results for the past couple of weeks are as follows:

    MuscleGel's sales ranking has indeed been consistently dropping, and has recently dropped off of the top 50 best selling products (of more than 12,000). The good news it that it is still selling better than more than 90% of the other products in the 'whey protein' category, which means that is it still selling well.

    Combat currently ranks 28th in the top 50 list, which is where it was two weeks ago, so there has been no recent dropoff in the ranking. Additionally, Combat currently outsells 97% of all other products in the 'whey protein' category.

    Shred Matrix has dropped in ranking from the mid 30s to the mid 40s in the past two weeks. It is currently selling better than 95% of the other products in the 'fat burners' category, which is similar to the selling performance of two weeks ago.

    Assault has been slowing improving it's rank. In the past two weeks, it has moved up the rankings from #15 of 50 (of 12,000) to number 13 today. It's the number one selling product for MusclePharm, and is clearly performing very well for the company. Additionally, it is outselling more than 95% of the other products in the 'pre-workout booster' category, and has been doing so for several months.

    Armor-V has what may be the most impressive results. Debuting in mid July, only 5 weeks ago, it is outselling more than 90% of the other products in the 'multivitamins' category. But for the fact that it's currently out-of-stock, it would probably have an even better selling rank.

    Not to be too repetitive, but the above sales performance is being achieved at the world's #1 online supplement store, not some insignificant reseller of supplements. So the facts are not consistent with the recent claims from the vultures on this board. The sales ranking of some products are improving, some are declining, and others remain unchanged. As a reminder, sales for 2nd qtr 2011 are up around 700 percent from sales during the 2nd qtr 2010, which is the best measure for the direction of sales. I hope the information I've gathered and provided above proves useful to members of this message board. Regards,

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