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  • coach2277 coach2277 Oct 31, 2011 9:45 PM Flag

    My Halloween-A spoof of the MSLP Board


    Hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween.

    Mine was almost the usual, Avatars, Ghosts and Devils, Zombies, one 8’ Elmo, some princesses, and a Michael Jackson among the 40 or so.

    I was astonished that JustMeInvesting and MusclePharmMania trick or treated together. They came to the house about 10 times wearing 10 different costumes. Their cutest costume were the identical shirts with an arrow that said “I’m with Liar”.
    You could hear them all the way down the street yelling: “you’re a liar, no, you’re a liar”, and “when are you going to come clean, and something about HLCS”.

    I yelled out the front door for them to shut up, but no, it just kept going on non-stop all through the neighborhood. They didn’t like my comment and came back later to toilet paper my trees.

    Then it got even worse. Tuna came over and smashed my pumpkins, egged my home, and spray painted “ Good Job Guys” on the side of my barn.
    I let the dogs out of the kennel. I never knew those hounds enjoyed seafood.

    By the way if you’re wondering, yes I passed out shares instead of candy. Just hope this stock goes up soon. If not, I’ll have an angry mob of neighborhood kids that will retaliate by soaping my windows.

    All in fun, just a spoof of the MP board. Happy Halloween and good luck to all the fellow MSLP investors!

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