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  • opalgopher opalgopher Jan 27, 2012 3:37 PM Flag

    mslp CEO: bankrupt pos LOL

    Record sales are coming but it won't help the stock any, meatheads leading the pack, pinching the profits hard.

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    • Actually Max, JMI has posted about 1000 times over the last 5 months on few message boards, so you are wrong about the amounts. On another note, you are ABSOLUTELY right that this is a very obnoxious individual.

    • Thank you Tony much appreciated.

    • Texan, you show wisdom beyond your years.

    • JMI you start a mess with everyone yet you never think your wrong or at fault. i'm 19 and max is 65, youth and age both can come to an agreement that your a jackass. (atleast on a message board) in real life you might be pretty cool sometimes people get carried away behind a computer screen. which i think you have

    • Message 1: Reread that message as I didn't call Tuna a fool. Message 2: You failed to mention that I apologised to Tuna within minutes for a message written in anger. WHY? Was I wrong to apologise? Message 3: I took your excellent advice and placed someone on Ignore. I was responding to being called out by name and the 100% off topic comparison of MSLP/HLCS. BTW.....I am proud of being 65. You can have the last message. I may not agree with want you write but I hope that you answer my points over messages 1 and 2. The HLCS board members did have one great solution to BASHERS. A private board. MSLP could follow suit on that solution.

    • You have called me a liar and a senile old clown. How brave - JMI. How sad! The PPS of MSLP/HLCS was not on topic! Thats pure BS!!!!! Was Greg Sabba Lying when he accused you of saying he was a paid basher. Either You said that or he is a liar. Which is it? Do you think most people on this board are impressed by your tough guy persona. One question JMI. How often do you go on the streets of NY and insult people. Do it often enough and you won't see 65.

    • Seeing that you used the term LIAR. 75 "report abuse" messages is not several. If someone doesn't need to be taught then there was no reason for 75 messages. Not all your messages included "If They Like". Nice try! Baiting! Directly calling out my name and comparing HLCS/MSLP PPS was within the topic? That's BS. As to Greg Sabba/JMI. The topic has been deleted but the partial message remains. Greg Sabba, message 5, early January. "After being attacked by the board member JMI as a paid basher, I exposed myself, my real name, my share count, and challenged................................................. the rest of the message was deleted. The funny part Mr. Sabba is pro HLCS. He was speaking to you. There is a second message to JMI referencing his "drink" invite to "JJJ. He was speaking to you. A glaring omission. Does anyone believe "the drink invite" was friendly. Yahoo may come to see that as a threat... Just Sayin. Take your own advice and remain off a board in which you own no stock! or stop asking others to be quiet on HLCS. True of False... 75 messages is several, the PPS of HLCS/MSLP was on topic, GregSabba sent the reference message to someone other than JMI. This entire day didn't need to occur absent you calling me out and comparing MSLP/HLCS. I woudn't have written word one! AND that is not a LIE.

    • My mistake in that 10/15 of the 89 messages come from the JMI students!!!. Only 75 or so messages from the Prof.

    • And the SCAM continues:
      "On January 18, 2012, MusclePharm Corporation (the "Company") filed an amendment to the Company's articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada to increase the Company's authorized common stock from seven hundred and fifty million (750,000,000) to one billion (1,000,000,000) shares of common stock, par value $0.001 per share."

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