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  • coach2277 coach2277 Feb 1, 2012 12:55 AM Flag

    Hi Yankee


    I'm busy during tax season but wish to acknowledge your questions, as I have respect for you as a person, fellow shareholder, and Yankees fan of course.

    I understand yours and others sentiments regarding the increase in authorized shares. It can be unsettling, but let's not make a knee jerk reaction to this. It's merely authorized shares, not issued shares.

    As another person posted tonight that there are over a billion restricted shares floating out there, that is not the case, and a bald face lie. All restricted shares are reflected and accounted for in the accumulated outstanding shares, no exceptions. As of Dec 31,2011 there are roughly 576mm per the SEC filing (restricted shares included).

    In viewing the latest SEC filing, approximately 615mm shares are listed as outstanding as of Jan 30th 2012. Not over a billion as one would like others to believe.

    I don't have the answers, but I have a gut feeling there's more to this under the surface than meets the eye.

    They've made major strides with sales and market share with the capital raised to date, so why the increase? To avoid a potential takeover? Or just to raise capital if needed. But 5X the authorized shares, tends me to believe something else good is brewing. Not greed, dilution, fraud, or scam. Merely a growing company with tremendous potential with incredible scrutiny by some investors, or others with ulterior motives.

    My opinion, take it for what it's worth, right or wrong.

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    • I'm inclined to agree with coach. This company would not have hired an investment banking firm if they didn't want to be successful. Bear in mind this is hovering over one penny a share not one dollar (where it has been mind you). Needless to say in the traditionally slowest quarter of the year to pull down eight mil well that's a full mil more than I expected. Big news is brewing hold tight, but hey that's just my opinion.

    • Coach I appreciate your response. Do the bonuses concern you? Providing 420 million shares or so in bonuses is pretty obnoxious. Also, what are the listing requirements for the AMEX? This seems a little more in their reach. Also, I agree the brand and marketing have power, but why the faith in management?

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