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  • savageinlimbo savageinlimbo Mar 20, 2012 10:46 AM Flag


    or GE purchasing a failing mvie studio collecting companys to grow and make millions

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    • I can understand the idea of UA purchasing MP, mainly because UA is EVERYTHING sports & fitness.... EXCEPT supplementation. If UA actually does purchase MP, then it would be a game changer... it would be MP powered by UA... The implications of this are astonishing...

      As much as I want to believe this, and as much as I hope this is true... I can not in a rational frame of mind believe that this is a very possible reality without some form of evidence... Whether it be a meeting between company reps, a document stating this.. or whatever it maybe...

      I understand that if UA were to come out and say this now, it would cause the cost of MP stock to just utterly skyrocket, causing it to be more costly to purchase them.. So therefore if it is going to happen they would have had to tell everyone at MP not to say a word and promise them extremely generous royalties that would far exceed what they could get from a skyrocketing pps...

      savageinlimbo please give me/us some shred of evidence.... right now its just heresy and its starting to become annoying, especially after you stated how many shares you have and its next to nothing.. then you state RS of 3:1 then a buyout, then you state no R/S but an actual stock split of 3:1... get your facts straight...

      I truly want to believe you so give me some evidence.. or email me some evidence.. my email is my account name do something be sides diarrhea of the mouth.. PLEASE.

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