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  • evanhowington evanhowington Apr 15, 2012 8:16 PM Flag

    Pondel Wilkinson Facebook.

    Go to Pondel Wilkinson's facebook page and like them. Then if you want answers "Like" the letter I left on their wall. I tried to email them, however the email was kicked.

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    • Then are you even bringing it up. Putting up option A or option B.. If you already know the facts?

      You realize you are trying to belittle me over the internet? You realize this right? Do you honestly think that name calling from a screen name on a yahoo message board is really going to affect me?

      I honestly now just come to yahoo mainly to check and see if savageinlimbo has posted anything. At this point, you are just another disgruntled mslp shareholder that I really don't care about

      It sucks if you lost money.. It really does. I hope you make money though. I also hope that one day you will make enough money to buy a better attitude. I actually feel sorry for you.

      Bottom line is that instead of always being negative I am actually trying put different thoughts out there. Just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean that you have to be rude, even though it is well within your rights.

      Hopefully tomorrow you can try and be a little more positive. The company has made mistakes, and are working to correct them. Why can't you take that for what it is? Then when the financials are released compare them to what they have claimed to do.

      Good luck to you dr. tjm42. I hope mslp makes you rich.

    • If they would have participate via conference call, the press release would have obviously stated the president and CEO were part of it. (Could be one of your dumber posts, and let me tell ya, there's a lot to choose from.)

    • ever heard of a phone? they can do conference calls...

    • I would prefer that #1 and #2 not be invited to meetings!

      It should be company policy going forward.

    • A little :-D At least he is trying to get info instead of making things up.

      I still do not see the benefit of this firm yet, but im willing to wait it out and see what goes on. They have a decent client list and ANYTHING has to be better than what they were using before.

      For the life of me I just cant grasp the value of the Canadian office.

      The questions he was asking were good, but the real question that we all know we will not get an answer on is that 2.5 bill share approval. It just is not logical, but you cant think logically when trying to put yourself in Pyatts shoes. Let me run out and get drunk and do a few lines then maybe I can predict what they will do next!

    • Just to make sure i got this right, Cory and Brad are in Canada now?

    • Why would you want to get information about a company from a source that is paid by that company to say only nice things about that company? That's like asking Tiger Woods to give his opinion on Nike. Complete waste of time.

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