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  • fkk_kass fkk_kass Dec 30, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    Seeking answers / opinions / guesses / speculation about Arnold line sales...

    Arnold launched at the beginning of Q4. In the Q3 conference call held on Nov 15th, there was a fair amount of discussion about Arnold sales for the first two months ($3.7M, if I remember correctly). Did MSLP ever give any idea about what portion of that - if any - was reflected in Q3 sales figures? They obviously have to ship product to brick and mortar stores in advance, but I have no idea how much lead time is required or any knowledge of when sales revenue is recognized.

    Is it likely / certain that some portion of that $3.7M was reflected in Q3 sales? If not, one would obviously expect a huge increase in Q4 sales.

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    • I think you are on the right track - and thanks for making another worthy topic (not this trash stuff others post).
      ARNOLD will see a big increase in Q4 for just that reason. I have a feeling a majority of that was online sales, since that's easily documentable. As for the brink and mortar stores, its a lot harder to judge sales on a daily/weekly basis. But I also don't know much about that aspect of sales.
      I think ARNOLD will just add to revs, but will cannibalize their other products. However, if I remember right, margins are better for ARNOLD - so that may not be half bad. EIther way, people are buying MSLP prodcuts, so whether is ARNOLD or their original line, the $$ all spends the same.

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      • Thanks mtc. Who knows when the SEC will be resolved, or what the resolution will be. But it WILL be resolved - hopefully soon, certainly eventually. While it obviously would have been better for the investigation never to have occurred, the fact that the investigation is still outstanding is actually a GOOD thing for those who are still accumulating shares. There is going to be - eventually - a MASSIVE increase in share price. The ongoing fact of the investigation is depressing the share price. It's eventual resolution - REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME - will almost certainly trigger a strong increase in share price. Meanwhile, every other forseeable event is hugely favorable. The company is supposed to provide 2014 guidance in a few weeks. I expect the figures they project to be stunningly good. Walgeens is just around the corner - possibly tomorrow! Q4 numbers should be available near the end of February, and should be excellent. Uplisting will likely come soon after conclusion of the SEC investigation, whenever that is. I expect them to annouce some sort of relationship with an investment banker soon - including a line of credit that will hopefully preclude any future dilution until the share price is MUCH higher.

        I see today's announcement as a very good thing. There is no doubt in my mind that they are taking all the right steps towards building a "real" company, and moving away from their admittedly shady origins. My only real complaints center around:

        a) Management's propensity to throw money at itself too freely and too early. Post some clean, strong earnings for a qtr or two and the share price will SOAR! Then hand out rich bonues and shares of stock that are really WORTH something.
        b) Management's propensity - due to Dr. Frost's influence, no doubt - to act as if MSLP were a pharma company. I think these BZNE / FUSE investments are "make a killing or lose it all" type investments that are not appropriate for this company at this time.

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