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  • jalexa88 jalexa88 Aug 21, 2014 8:18 AM Flag

    "Huge Expose" Unveiling The truth * Motive of (Osprey.Watch3)

    Osprey is not who you think he is, he is not some super hero fighting crime on Wall Street because he has nothing better to do, come on... If you believe that, then you should also believe in "Santa Clause"

    There is a 17 page report coming out that will show you with 100% truth and accuracy WHO (Osprey.Watch3) works for, why he does what he does daily, and how he PROFITS!

    1. I will be outlining each stock Osprey tries to use his hidden agenda making up FALSE stories about the promoters, and people advertiser each stock he trys to short

    2. I will also show you the naked truth of the website "His boss" is using and telling Osprey what stocks to attack with posting garbage, so he and his boss can make money shorting these stocks. I mean come on, do you think he wakes ups every day to try to HELP YOU! uhhh no

    3. I will also be releasing a full blown article of all the STOCKS he shorts, where he lives, what IP he uses, and also a picture of where he is doing these posting from

    You will be shocked to see what his true motive really is... (To profit shorting) off the garbage false talk of promoters trying to get investors in fear to sell so he and his boss can cover their positions and make big money

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