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  • spshaw spshaw Nov 24, 1998 8:44 AM Flag


    What a wonderful IPO. While everyone's flying
    high on internet IPOs, this one looks like a strong
    growth stock perfect for the long haul. You're also
    right about this stock selling at dirt cheap
    Still, does anyone know what the company's rating
    is? Anyone have any idea how MNY ranks on being able
    to pay back their policy holders? Thanks.

    Long MNY

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    • This morning Maria Bartiromo covered MNY in her before the bell segment on CNBC. The report is linked to the CNBC Specials page at

    • I just spent quite a bit of time looking at
      similar companie in the same sector/industry. It would
      seem that based on similar size, cash, P/E, P/Sales,
      P/Book that MNY will settle down in the $30 - $60 range
      once the IPO dust settles.

      Personally, I wish
      they'd can the dividends and put them to work for a
      greater ROE.

      Gonna let this one ride a while....

    • can you please elaborate as to the basis for your belief?

    • AS title suggests

    • Don't sell it until, it reach 63 1/2. You see, it has enjoyed a
      rising up for one week.

    • When can we sell this stock under long term gains?

    • Although we do now all seem agreed that tax basis
      is zero ... I will tell you what my accountant gave
      me as the reason that basis is not the IPO price. It
      is because even though policy/account holders
      technically gave up some rights when MONY demutualized, these
      rights were not "fungible" -- capable of being traded or
      sold. Since, prior to the demutualization,
      policyholders could not have sold those rights that were
      eventually lost (voting rights and a share in the company if
      liquidated) on any generally-recognized basis, the rights had
      a value of zero. They may have had value to an
      individual for whatever reason, but according to the rule of
      the almighty dollar ... zilch. Therefore you traded
      in something worth nothing for something worth in
      excess of $25 a share.

    • <<Taxpayers subject to special rules under
      the tax law, including pension and profit sharing
      plans, welfare funds, and other tax-exempt entities
      should consult their tax advisors.>>

      I read
      this to mean if you received shares directly from a
      qualified plan that you received a distribution. Expect you
      will get a 1099R. If you didn't roll it into another
      plan, then you have ordinary income for the FMV at date
      of distribution. But that will be on your 1099R. In
      that case, your basis will equal the amount reported
      on your 1099R.

    • Somebody pass me the catsup please.

      Thanks cruel dog!

    • From the

      Will I be subject to income tax on the stock I am
      receiving in the demutualization?

      The MONY Group
      Inc. cannot give specific tax advice. If you have a
      personal tax advisor, you may wish to consult him or her
      about your particular situation.

      You will not
      be subject to income tax on the receipt of stock in
      the demutualization. If you later sell or dispose of
      the stock, you will be subject to income tax on the
      full amount you receive from the sale, which will be
      treated as either long-term or short-term capital gain,
      depending on whether you sell the stock more than one year
      after you acquired your policy.

      subject to special rules under the tax law, including
      pension and profit sharing plans, welfare funds, and
      other tax-exempt entities should consult their tax

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