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  • boonie588 boonie588 Aug 13, 2010 9:49 AM Flag

    Can a Republican Explain the German Economy?

    They are socialist. They are out-producing America. Is it Obama's fault?

    My thinking is they DON'T PAY FOR A GLOBAL ARMY. This allows them to pay for health care and other benefits.

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    • we need campaign finance reform, otherwise the corps. will just keep bribing the politicians in order to fleece the US taxpayers

    • Let's take another look at Germany over the Bush years.

      US - 285,039,803
      Germany - 82,333,000

      US - 304,059,724
      Germany - 82,110,097

      So in the Bush years the US population increased around 6.67%
      The German population SHRANK around 2.7%

      The US has 350% of Germany's population. We grew by over 20% of their 2001 population. Yet I have to hear about wages being flat in this country while we're outstripping the economy with population growth.

      Hell I'm amazed we keep so many people productive in this economy in the first place.

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      • So since 2000 the German government encouraged the production of German cars. The world loves a fine German car.

        Bush/Cheney since 2000 encouraged the production of US weapons. The world HATES these products.

        It's pretty simple. We need to make what people want.

      • First off, they DID NOT shrink 2.7%. Do the math. There's been almost no change as you would expect and desire in a fully developed country.

        When Bush took office, here was the US export production:

        1 United States 781.1 12.3
        2 Germany 551.5 8.7
        3 Japan 479.2 7.5
        4 France 298.1 4.7
        5 United Kingdom 284.1 4.5
        6 Canada 276.6 4.3
        7 China 249.3 3.9
        8 Italy 237.8 3.7
        9 Netherlands 212.5 3.3
        10 Hong Kong, China 202.4 3.2

        So what happened?

        We're now behind China and Germany despite the increase in population.

    • Debt or lack there of.


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      • Debt? So when Americans can't afford their perscription drugs without charging them on a 19% credit card, that's a problem?

        Our bankers love it and so do the American drug manufacturers who charge Germans less money but get free research provided by the US taxpayer via our higher education system.

        Our problem is we blame EACHOTHER when we as individuals screw-up but allow our politicians to bail out big corporations and our military no matter how badly they screw up. It's a SICK political system based on campaign contributions(bribes) as well as religious bigots/fascists supporting our military spending.

        We know the system is broken. We just can't get together on how to change it.

        Government "Of the People"??? In your dreams.

    • not being a Republican i couldn't speak to it however....

      a) the real story is that they didn't stim as much as everybody else...or so it seems
      b) they're being run by a coalition of Christian Democrats and Free Democrats (think Libertarian) - of course their definition of conservative is something barely to the right of Kucinich, Boxer, Waters, et al.
      c) Japan also had the longest free ride (re: minimal military expenditures

      should military expenditures be less? of course, stop all the nation building nonsense and hold civilian populations directly accountable, outsource through Letters of Marque, a bounty for each jihadi facial beard etc etc

      Germany only just days ago got around to closing the mosque that was used to plan 9/11 - maybe it was a budget issue?

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      • That doesn't really explain the export manufacturing lead they have over us. Some would suggest that they are happier than American manufacturing workers who simply can't afford items provided free in Germany and as a result have a more contentious, less productive relationship with their employers.

        I think we agree the money for any social benefit needs to come from somewhere and no organization on the planet is a bigger money waster than the US Military. Calling it part of our needed "defense" is a joke if we apparently NEED to spend more than all the other countries in the world COMBINED.

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