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  • debreasystems debreasystems Sep 4, 2010 11:35 AM Flag

    For Trade:

    stan, this place is insane to say the least.
    i have 8 tenants and all the baggage that goes w/ them. their friends, drama, lives, etc. all "artiste" hand selected for a variety of reasons. between one of us we can usually get whatever needs to be done, done. answer your question once every 2 months sometimes 3. it's great fun. the entire area of w. oakland has been turned into a bit of a poverty stricken artiste enclave. this area was all industrial and warehouses. i buy run down buildings and use the materials from demo contracts to build live/work units. actually work/live units now.
    oh please, kind sir might i have another?
    bit of dickens here except bright and shiny.
    like herding chickens, the kids need leadership and direction. young people today are so lost. much worse than when i was a kid. some are actually in their 40's! kids none the less though.
    i LOVE making my pancakes and feeding the people, they love it and we have a pretty tight hood, w/ me at the top of the food chain, no pun intended. i'm sheriff and settle disputes, relationship counselor, etc., between neighbors for blocks around here. you should come by some time. i could show you some of the bldg's here that i've redone. course the world stopped spinning a couple of years ago there just isn't anything happening beyond growing vegetables and hunkering down. people are frightened not unlike myself often.

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