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  • debreasystems debreasystems Nov 19, 2010 4:57 PM Flag

    bill moyers-welcome to the plutocracy

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    • yeah, you're the biggest tool in the universe
      the rest of us? not the biggest tools in the universe

      you are more owned than anyone i've seen post here

    • we repudiate the fiscal and social policy of the San Francisans, Philadelphians and Bostonians

      let them be what they are and let us be what we are

      very very very different - as Martians and Terrans

    • So what the point? The Red States are not "counter" anything. They think we were ALL better off 170 years ago. They'll defend your right to agree with tradition to their death.

    • sonny, in a dark alley I will bludgeon you into unconsciousness, take your profits, and you won`t can`t complain

      grandma betsy

    • Fitting!

      U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner warned Republicans against politicizing the Federal Reserve and said the Obama administration would oppose any effort to strip the central bank of its mandate to pursue full employment. "It is very important to keep politics out of monetary policy," Geithner said in an interview airing on Bloomberg Television´s "Political Capital with Al Hunt" this weekend. "You want to be very careful not to take steps that hurt our credibility." The Republican congressional leadership, including John Boehner, nominated as the next House speaker, has criticized the Fed´s plan to buy $600 billion in assets, saying it would fuel inflation and asset bubbles. Senator Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican who serves on the Banking Committee, said he favors confining the Fed´s mandate to promoting price stability. Geithner, 49, declined to say what compromise the Obama administration would be willing to consider on extending Bush- era tax cuts, while ruling out making permanent the reductions for the wealthiest Americans.

      Let the Republicans do the dirty work of those foreign elements that would like nothing more than reigning in and tightening of the Fed!

      TSK TSK once again on the Party of "NO" to everything that is right!


    • exactly. most people laugh about my rant on these boards, and say just shut up and play the game. but it is not just a game, and no one with a right mind should participate helping and abetting the fraud by big money. as i said so many times, dont be a whore, it is not worth it.

    • Bill Moyers

      Making this rather more interesting over the past 60yrs has been the growth and stay ability of the Lobby not just in Washington or rather the better than 60,000 reg lobby

      But, likewise those in the national structure from County, City and State Governments to every bureaucracy where payola has its greatest effects.

      Surely, it wasn't Bill Moyers that made you go hummm!

      As its was ever so obvious that even our Supreme Court has been touched!

      It is What it Is!

      Until its not!


    • It reminds me of that line from "The Wizard of Oz"

      "Are you a good rich or a bad rich?"

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      • sadly i don't remember a significant amount of "oz". haven't seen it in 35~50 years. that might be a fun couple, of hours over thanksgiving.
        if the inference is there's no difference between good money bad money. i'd have to disagree strongly. if you take a look at the video i think it makes many relevant points regarding how and what's been done to the people of this country over the last 50 YEARS!! i know basher thinks the unios ruined the entire country. w/out them i suspect we would be less than marginally different from china.
        HOW you achieve something makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.
        not to a guy like basher i realize. on the contrary he feeds at the lowest level in the food chain and of course regards his process as the top.
        time and history is definitely on his side as well.

    • NPR, National People's Radio

      the folks that would fire people on their staff for even suggesting that maybe Muslims should be profiled versus the rest of humanity

      don't Taze my junk Sis

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      • i'm not even impressed by those people, but the reaction it "invokes from the Evil Doers and A Holes is absolutely priceless - they have absolutely nothing intellecutally to retort with so they revert to smear and insult - it really exposes empty people like yourself "

        and that's your retort?
        exactly what your response is to my post.
        positively brilliant, you are what you despise. that aside did you bother to read or watch the information? no, you didn't your to busy blindly denouncing anything you think might violate your sacrosanct fear driven belief system. it's what your entire thought process is predicated on. that aside basher, let me just ask you bottom line when will enough be enough for you and your crew?

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