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  • debreasystems debreasystems Jun 1, 2011 7:53 PM Flag

    hey zael, you live in santa fe, n.m.?

    santa fe is where you can have ANYTHING you desire. never met a smarter group of people in such a small area in my life!!
    place is filled w/ knowledge and performance oriented people on ALL levels. just prior to r.e. collapse i was looking at 25acres w/ 3 houses on it, but........then i got flushed down the shyter!! serious bummer, my "retirement" came to a SCREECHING halt!!
    WTH are you doing in tallahassee?

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    • Lol! I know what you mean! Honestly, I feel called to do ministry work here through a local church for the homeless. When I am done here and am sure my mother is provided for, I intend on returning to New Mexico and permanently entering the monastery as tonsured monk. I deeply enjoy helping people but I have little interest in this world and was happiest when I was in the monastery in the sanctified company of holy men dedicated to God. It is where I am destined to become truly more than a man, an earthly angel.

    • Btw, you have not experienced the best of Santa Fe until you have attended Holy Trinity Orthodox Church:

      I grew up as a charismatic Protestant, but became Eastern Orthodox primarily because of my experiences in that church and the moral and theological persuasion of its rector, the brilliant Father John. Even if you are not religious, I suggest you visit one Sunday if nothing else but for the aesthetic perfection of its architecture, the beauty of its chanting, and the grandeur of its worship.

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