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  • happydayis happydayis Feb 4, 2012 2:31 PM Flag


    YES U CAN! U dont ever have to lie steal cheat like cnbs,msnbs,or any cramer puppie, ALL U have to do BUY FACEBOOK at the 1st day !!!

    CRANK DOWN %100%
    It's not GM B.S. where wall street Fraudsters stole their entire 401k out from them, They didn't steal your Tax dollars to bail em out, Yer Buddie Gave it to them!!!
    Learn to Buy IPO an Sell for %100% Gain!!!

    U'll never have to turn on Mad Money Fraud
    U don't ever have to listen to Kudlow Fraud
    U wont even have to turn on last hr with Medusa
    Don't get tangled up in her Fraud

    MAKE %100% at least!!!! FACEBOOK Buy it !!!

    It's gona RUN faster than GOOGLE!!! Just look how much U can sell GOOG for now!!!! Near $600 Per SHARE!!! That's SIX TIME's IPO PRICE!!!

    Dont wait or listen to CNBS!!!! That would B the BIGGEST MISTAKE !!!

    Get in Before the RUN, an then RUN with the CASH!!!! %100%

    I have watched this market for a number of years, an never once heard em tell the Truth about anything! QQQ is up well over %200%!!!

    They R collecting %200% from any who Buy it!!!
    SO Ask Yourself? Why Wait for $120 on B.S.????
    It's already %200% up, your NEVER GONA GET $$$

    Put Every last DIME in FACEBOOK and MAKE $$$ EASY $$$
    Perhaps %100 to %200 even as much as %500 they may even anounce a 2 for 1 Stock split withen the 1st year! Could B the FASTEST RUNNING STOCK EVER!!!!

    once U sell after U at least made %100% U might want to wait for
    another HOT IPO that I know about!
    I can tell U how to Make HUGE PROFITS!!! Just ask !!!

    Have a HAPPYDAY

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