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  • hwardeinhorn hwardeinhorn Jan 11, 2013 1:33 PM Flag

    obama's first disappointment for me....epic

    the epic computer system the brainchild of an obama a nightmare for the medical system and will cost us all...i say this as a fan of obama and a supporter..but he f--ked up this one....ask your doc..i'm a doc

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    • You sound as stupid as Howard Dean: "We don't have a spending problem in this country".

      He's a doc too.

      Pretty scary that dumb fawks like you two are out there presuming to take responsibility for properly diagnosing and treating personal health issues that affect people's lives.

      You both probably cheated your way into and through med school, whereever the H3ll it was you went. Neither of you obviously has the even the slightest ability to properly discern even the most obvious problematic situation.

    • Ask the families of the 4 dead in Benghazi which was more epic to them. A healthcare plan already $2TRILLION over budget before it even kicks in, or a dead son, husband or father? My guess is they have forgetten about Obama's $2trillion failure among others.

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      • Only reason Obama is president is because of George Bush who was the republicans
        answer to Jimmy Carter! Do you think those people that lost family in Bengazi feel more
        pain then the thousands of familiars that lost family looking for WMD'S that didn't exist
        in Iraq? Obama care sawks but it's both parties lining their pockets that is destroying
        this country!

    • if this is your first disappointment in 4 years in The Incompetant
      then you are not too bright
      I sure dont want you taking out my appendix
      no way

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