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  • pudshaft pudshaft Jan 29, 2013 3:29 AM Flag

    Religion...The selling of salvation...

    Call it anything you like but the process of convincing someone of anything is an act of selling.

    Before you can sell anyone anything a need or desire must be created

    The religious need is that you are filth covered in sin and to avoid the eternal consequences of said filth and sin you need what they are selling....salvation

    Remove the need and the product sits on a shelf gathering dust

    This is why Christianity invented hell

    Prior to gentle Jesus meek and mild there was no such thing. The ancient jews had no such concept believing only in a place literally under the earth. The new testament hell was an extrapolation of a dump where the garbage and bodies of criminals were periodically set on fire...a landfill.

    Same thing with satan. No such critter existed and when he was introduced, he rapidly was evolved (on purpose) into the entity the superstitious know and fear today. He was created, like hell, as a sales technique by the church to sell salvation.

    Things you ought to know before you "believe"

    Rev Pud

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