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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 17, 2013 10:09 PM Flag

    When will USA coward Zombies grow balls and Revolt against this Financial Terrorism on them?

    This is nothing like the S&L “crisis”, and yet not one head of any investment banker has rolled on Wall Street or in Europe. Not one has gone to prison. Not one! The crooks have robbed you, and their crooked politicians have taken care of them from going to prison. They should have went to prison, because the people of the world are coming, and they’re going to kill them. At least in prison they could continue with their one and only lives on this earth. But not now. It’s gone too far.

    Just peel your eyes away from those big profit sharing bonuses all you autoworkers made in your shrunk down company after they sent all the GOOD jobs out of the country to China, AND LOOK OUT YOUR FRONT DOOR. THE OTHER PEOPLE AIN’T WORKIN’!!! THE REST OF THE COUNTRY IS BROKE AND UNEMPLOYED, AND ONLY GETTING WORSE!!! Happy UAW pigs are cattle, a pampered herd!

    Buy American, my #$%$! You’re only Americans when you’re getting laid off, and you need sales for your pig jobs. But don’t worry about saving your good jobs to save millions of other American jobs. Don’t rally for America. Only your UAW paychecks! Think about it, fools! How can you all be getting record profit sharing checks this year when the whole country practically on food stamps, is out of work, and to the tune of 84,000,000,000 people who can work, but don’t have a job? You will all be on the #$%$ end of the stick with the American people when the #$%$ finally hits the fan! But I digress.

    Revolution is coming. In America, to restore the constitution. And I don’t know what is going to be done with the 535 crooks in congress, and one President (and formers), when the American people make their move over all of it. Or what’s going to be done with the UAW, and others like them in the baker’s union at places like Hostess. You don’t see it coming with your big checks when nobody has any checks, but it’s all going to change for bankers, large corporations, and their union pig workers.

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    • WHY DON’T THEY JUST HANG THE BANKERS? And let the bodies rot in the streets along with their politicians. Really hang them by the neck with ropes. Dead. Revolution. That would stop the American people from doing the same over here and get it over with. Dissolve the EU already. They are crying, and protesting in the millions, and running to the banks. The banks! The politicians they run. That’s the two targets in this world revolution coming up. Banks and politicians.

      WHY DON’T THEY HANG THEM? And let their blood drip in the streets of Cyprus after this, in Greece, in Italy, in Spain, etc., all over. That’s what’s needed now at this time in the 21st century. Trials? No trials. Trials aren’t afforded tyrants in a revolution. Only swift death as soon as any group of the masses captures them on site!

      I hate to seeing Europe suffering everyday, month after month, year after year since 2008. Always in the streets protesting, crying, and burning. America hasn’t had the full scale protests or the measures a non-country called the EU has placed upon people’s of once sovereign and independent great and historic European nations, yet.

      But when it does get to a level of millions in protests, Americans won’t take that long to throw out the government and restore the constitution. It’s not the 20s. They can’t do it to the people again. 100 years of the federal reserve is over on it’s anniversary they will be celebrating with our President and congress. But not the people who will end the fed as these times call for it in our generation. Phoney banking worldwide is over!

      They took your guns in Europe. Did they take your hanging rope, too? And your manliness, your adult humanity, your duty to stay free? Yes, I think they did. Not unless I see a banker swinging from the trees this year in Europe. A few politicians would look pretty swinging in the wind over there. What’s keeping it from happening at this point? It’s not 2008 anymore.

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