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  • pudshaft pudshaft Apr 2, 2013 1:38 PM Flag


    You don't get it, phd tards don't get it. i get it. It is interest...the compounding of debt via interest that proves...mathematically proves...that there can be no possible fix

    so long as money is lent at interest, that interest has to be created by the same process all money is created....debt...lent into existence

    compounding growth of debt because of interest.

    it is so simple, so obvious and so ignored......there is no fix, never was and never will be so long as money is called into existence via debt at interest

    end of story

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    • Why would anyone ever be motivated loan money at no interest, professor? And in turn how would those with productive ideas and energy anbutno money ever get funded to advance civilization?

      Tell us about your alternative universe.

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      • Has nothing to do with motivation or desire or willingness....has to do with math

        you could loan money to your cousin to bring his idea into existence for an equity stake...a share of profits that come from the existing money pool

        when you lend at interest that interest money has to be does not exist prior to the can only come into being via more debt on top of the original debt....which also carries interest which also has to be called into being etc etc

        the very essence of compounding....thus total debt in the system always grows, the interest always grows and both do so at an exponential rate

        money does not have to be debt based

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