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  • funmusic640 May 24, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    As Memorial Day Weekend Begins lets respect what brave americans have fought and died for;

    Let's reflect on the Laws and Privaliges we all should have because of those who have fought to protect us:
    With greater numbers of immigrants from openly polygamous backgrounds immigrating to the U.S., it seems only natural that polygamy would again be raised as an issue.

    What about refugees?

    Although refugees have a certain protected status, refugees who resettle to the U.S. must still meet the government conditions for entry. Having refugee status does not guarantee admission. In fact, refugees may be denied entry into the US for a host of reasons; because of criminal records, serious health problems, or drug addiction.

    What can a refugee do?

    The Bantus of Somalia for example practice polygamy. Many families even have up to four wives. But a number of their other cultural practices may also bring them into direct conflict with the conditions of immigration. For example, the Bantu's practice burning or scarring as a form of healing, discipline their children physically, and perform female circumcision at puberty. All of these customs violate U.S. laws.

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