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  • mvpcapital mvpcapital Mar 15, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    No Reverse Split Idiots

    So Johnny come lately hits the board with different aliases and starts trying to get us to believe that there is going to be a reverse split. Sorry, that will not happen. I also see Johnny come lately is someone who is trying to sell shares to himself between accounts to falsely paint a picture in order to get more cheap shares. Well, you aren't having mine for below $1, that is for sure. I've put shares out for sale above $2 and $3 - come and get them if you'd like, but you'll find me and others buying on dips. I firmly believe this will be over $1.50 in May and over $2.00 in June. Do you think I'm worried about a reverse split? Nah. Remember reverse splits are needed for companies on a downtrend, not for companies on an uptrend where higher prices are imminent. Meanwhile keep selling shares between accounts whoever you are and i'll be there to scoop some up each and everytime.

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    • I see your a pumper and you like to use the word idiot at all the boards you visit..I guess all the boards are full of idiots, but you are not one of them..
      I not a johnny come lately and I have been posting on this board for years..I brought up the possibility of a reverse stock split for discussion,it may or may not happen,but the NASDAQ has the final word not you..
      I was wrong on the date,its May 11th, thats still plenty of time to climb over $1.00 ...
      Will the earnings report be enough to keep it above $1.00 long enough where there will be no reverse split ?
      About 9 months back ECTY showed a profit and ran above $1 (yahoo chart is wrong)a share and then dropped back down months later to 70%..
      I hate when stocks get pumped up and then tumble after good news (earnings)and profit taking takes place..That could happen again here..

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      • In your eyes I'm a pumper. I'm a realist. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and call you a pessimist. It's ok to be one and I do know about the day when the stock rose to $1.25. The problem with that then is we were run by a horrible CEO and he and his associated ties were selling shares on the news. He would have driven ECTY into the ground. Ravi is clearly doing the opposite. It's his company now and I have confidence that he will drive the market cap to over $100 million in 2013, over $300 million in 2014, and over a $500 million by 2015. This is barring us being bought out (a strong possibility) but let's hope that we can appreciate to at least $5 to $7 a share from here before that even happens.

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    • Good call. I wish I had more money to invest and had invested more when it was lower. I'm long on this one and will break even at $1.44. I'm optimistic about this company long term. I'm amazed at what the EV market has been able to accomplish over the past couple of years. With the good partnerships, finally good leadership, and good direction for the company, a reverse-split should be a mute point. Ravi, will do what needs to be done to raise the price with new PR, partnerships, etc. I'm sure he already has some things to announce that will do just that. The Roth conference might be just the place to do it.