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  • yinvestor yinvestor May 30, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    I sold ECTY

    I think that super charger is the future and it looks like that TSLA is not going to choose ECTY.
    $100M from US government is not well spent and 10000 slow charging EVs is not the future and will be useless in the future.

    If I were the management of ECTY, I would have spent most of the $100M on building super chargers.
    1000 super chargers is much better than 10000 slow chargers.

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    • It's not really an issue of superchargers vs. slow chargers. As Elon Musk discussed during the conference call yesterday, superchargers are not intended for every day use. They are intended to facilitate longer trips, such as a drive from LA to San Fran, DC to Boston, or the cross-country road trip Elon's planning to take with his kids.

      One problem with superchargers is they degrade the battery pack if you supercharge excessively. Unless the technology changes dramatically, it's doubtful that you'll see superchargers popping up at your local grocery store or corporate office. It makes a lot more sense to use a slow charger for these intra-city driving needs, especially when your car is sitting for long periods of time at home or at work.

      In order for the EV market to grow, we need both superchargers and slower chargers. And this seems to be exactly the strategy that Ecotality is pursuing. It makes a lot more sense to build out a huge network of slower chargers within cities, since that's where most people do their driving. Putting a huge investment into supercharging stations for inter-city travel is not going to solve the problem of lack of infrastructure for daily commuting.

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      • Great points Eugene! I'm not getting scared at all with this recent sharp sell off. Stinks, its come down so much, but opportunity to get some cheap shares. IMO added to my position today.

      • Funny eugene
        After the news was leaked by him when he spoke before the next days cc elon would tale a cross country trip for the press.posted it pn this mb.i guess i am somewhat physic

      • Excellent points, Eugene. The real question of charging is venue. Today's societal norm is that you feed your car within 2-5 minutes at a fast gas pump, maybe take a couple minutes to buy some coffee, etc but you're outta there in 10 minutes or less. What the EV industry needs to do is promote the attrativeness of having your car load while you're doing something else anyway (like shopping). It's no coincidence that precisely large shopping stores like Sears and Kohl's are corporate customers and sponsors! What I'm waiting for is restaurants to move in big time to purchase chargers. Like parking, you could offer the charge for free as part of being a customer to the resturant--much like parking today. Gas stations can't match that. In short, advertaising needs to reflect that charging for 30 or 60 minutes is not 30 or 60 minutes that's lost out of your day--but rather 10 minutes a week that you don't have to spend loading up with gas.

    • Sorry to see you go Y. I still believe in the ECTY story. Plus have you heard about the Blink DC Fast charger? ECTY is continuing to advance charger technology to be faster! Super chargers are a great idea and all, but there is so much more potential with charging technology. Why limit it to stations that are basically like gas stations for electric cars. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm going to continue to be a buyer if ECTY. I like it here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • LOL... In the future there will be no need for public chargers period ..Future batteries will take you on 1000 mile trips .... The wireless super fast charger in your home and @ work will take of all your needs ....

      In the near future TSLA and ECTY will both be bought out along with most other E-Car related companies..

    • Tell it to "whackoff". Thanks for leaving money on the table...

    • Who cares ???