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  • brian20101963 brian20101963 Jun 21, 2013 6:04 PM Flag


    Dont get me wrong ponline--I've been and continue to be long on ECTY and EV industry in general--but Marxe and Greenhouse is a cockroach outfit. They could very well crush the price of ECTY at will, and us retail guys couldn't do a thing about it, especially once they go below the 10% ownership "radar" and don't have to fill Form 4's any more. They could choke this thing off until everybody wants to sell, even play a short simultaneously, then cover, buy shares cheap, and make money on both the ride up and the warrants. It's what has become of the "markets". A slimy rigged card game.

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    • Brian, you have their MO to a T. Their initial purchase is usually 10% or slightly higher of the shares. It would be fine if they would sell their shares and immediately move on, but they sadistically linger on like a slimy leech, playing havoc with the share price. In my INO experience they disappeared from the radar shortly after giving up their 10% ownership, keeping only a few hundred thousand shares.

      What really got to me was their blatancy of placing 300 shares on the ask with the computer flitting back and forth with changing fractions of a penny, which became their signature, much like a shark seeking its prey. Its pretty sickening to see them get way with their raping tactics. What remains a puzzle, was that there was no indication of buying, only the selling at a loss.