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  • cpatrader2001 cpatrader2001 Jun 24, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    cpats thoughts

    forgetting the fact the market is at least 50percent luck here we go.For some reason unknown to man we have an offering and for a few days it sits way above the offering price.Unheard of like most of us posted. Oh wait this is ecty.Just wait a few days and more then likely u will get ylur buyin price.They do an offering,okay ravi signalled it on the last cc but at a 20percent discount to the mkt.way too much. Okay boys and girls who go into the offering time to short it and guaranty a profit.hmm And then another cpats ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.ECTYS 2ND LARGEST HOLDER STARTS DUMPING.folks u cant make this stuff up.And today they took this thing down almost 10percent at one point in the day under the offering price.Folks this is not a small biotech co where you would expect this but a leader in its field.

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