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  • grleroy grleroy Jul 11, 2013 6:23 AM Flag

    O.T. NASDAQ futures up 30 points already, Dow 130 ... It looks very green for Thursday..

    Im looking for the 1.70s on Thursday, unless a certain insider starts to sell again .. I think Ill put a bid in @ 1.58 and see what happens ..
    Ford is lowering their price of the E-Car 10% to keep pace with the Leaf ..
    Just a warning to anyone who may be considering buying a Nissan Leaf , the batteries do not do well in very hot climates, the Leaf uses air cooling on the batteries, when its a 115 outside, air cooling is not very effective..
    Tomorrow I bring in my Leaf in for battery service after losing 40% of my charge ...
    Tesla and Ford uses liquid cooling around their batteries ..

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