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  • sleekscape sleekscape Jul 31, 2013 4:39 AM Flag

    I'm calling big news in a few hours

    Letter rip

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    • sleekman . ravi is really starting to get on my nerves and I use to think he was the man.That was before u came along sleek.Now U DE MAN.Ravi, listen up. PUT OUT SOMETHING.ANYTHING.WHY NOTHING IN WEEKS. SURELY THE PLACE HAS NOT BEEN CLOSED FOR SUMMER VACATIONHAS IT?OH WAIT CPA IS HAVEING A BRAINCHILD.. RAVI MY BOY. why not put the charging stations at gas station locations. Then the gas station can offer service to ALL vehicles.grle. what are u high".No charging stations in the congo." I keep telling you, don't be messing with that Arizona peyote near your house.

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      • cpa: I think and hope grle was being facetious, unless he thinks jaguars need charging, But then again, jaguars are not EVs, as a matter of fact Congo jaguars aren't even cars! Your idea of gas station installations might be too radical for consideration, but placing chargers next to oases in the Sahara might a refreshing idea.

      • Well said. It has been a little disheartening. You should join in on the CC next month and ask why they aren't installing these in gas stations. Because that would make to much sense if they did.

        Did you see Paul Chesser's article yesterday on the NLPC website about how the $135 million grant was squandered? It was definitely a one-sided, biased rant, but had a lot of truth in it as well. Definitely good news for the shorts. Even if the rollout using grant funding was poorly managed, there was still some good progress made. There's more prospects for EVs than ever before.

    • Sleek:

      Instead of listening to birds and dreaming manic dreams, perhaps you should try reading Tarot cards, spinning planchettes on ouija boards or seek the "professional" services of a local gypsy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy