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  • sleekscape sleekscape Jul 31, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    Lowest volume and tightest spread in past 4 months

    Sellers and buyers have dried up.
    Ccgi is moving up.
    Tsla is moving up.
    Hopefully the tide will pull ecty with it.
    No news is concerning.
    It seems like ecty is focused on the big picture with the recent shelf.
    Acquisition is looking more and more likely.
    But who would they want to acquire?

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    • You do realize that ECTY reports earnings in 2 weeks and also has a CC ... CEO Ravi Brar will answer any questions that you may have ... I would imagine that all current and future news will come out doing the CC ...
      If they continued with their cost cutting they could be very close to break even this quarter ...
      I just hope they do not spend to much of the CC discussing the first charger being installed in the Congo..
      I believe that the charger should also come with a option of charging the new electric blow darts and spears ;-)