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  • sleekscape sleekscape Aug 8, 2013 10:08 PM Flag

    I do not have a good feeling and hope I am wrong

    No news in a long time
    Recent filing of shelf
    Unable to trade north of 1.60
    EV adoption not accelerating since march, stuck on 8k cars monthly.

    Revenue from charging sessions is minimal, Ravi mentioned this in last cc
    EV project revenue is done this quarter.
    How will ecty make up the EV project revenue in next few quarters?
    They can't.
    Next year or two revenue from chargers will be several million annually, no more.

    Shelf registration because EV adoption slower than expected, businesses committing to chargers slower than expected, home chargers being sold slower than expected and expenses higher than expected.
    Thus, cash flow is hurting and they need 10-20 million in cash to get them thru 2014, when they are projecting profitability if EV adoption increases to 25k monthly by 2015.

    I hope I am wrong.
    If not, My stock will be sold off soon.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Nostradamus moment.
      Be careful out there.

    • I wish I was wrong.

    • I think it's great the Atlanta area is where ECTY has gotten their foot in the door. Going to be a great east coast market for ECOtotality. Georgia Power has installed many of their Blink charging units. Southern Company and other utilities are getting on the EV bandwagon, placing the units at their work places so employees can top off. Stock price will follow results and I'm seeing growth and expansion in new markets, . This phase of company expansion requires getting chargers installed in as many locations as they can. The EV car market is only going to grow and once chargers are in place, the market will take off.

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    • sleek,
      Your concerns may be justified, there has been news lacking, but we are presently in the silent period and can only wait for the CC to get an idea of where we stand. i still maintain that we have seen the PPS dive for no other reason than manipulation by the MM. After such a drop, which triggered panic selling and a series of down market days, it is no wonder that confidence is lacking, but it was just two days ago when we hit an intraday high of 1.60 with an increase in volume which slackened off as the market turned red.

      I, along with many others, am disappointed with what we are experiencing and tired of speculation, including my own. Hopefully, the Q2 announcement will be made today or Monday with a lifting effect.

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      • Actually Ajcee, I am surprised this stock held up so well considering the selling at $1.65 by our flipping guy and also considering the LACK of news. Stocks like these are NEWS Driven meaning news is what helps push them higher. Otherwise they drift down. I am hoping they have 10+ news events to release and some good numbers to put the stock on the radar screens of others and up over $2. It's a low profile stock. When I say that ECTY were the ones installing chargers in the Atlanta area I invested a good part of my $$$. Very excited on my investment.

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    • No news....nothing to report, just general day to day operations. The day to day can keep a company afloat but it doesn't necessarily invite investor interest.

      Unable to trade north of 1.60...we've been here before and we could be here for a while. At this point there's as much chance that it will go higher as it will go lower. I'm banking on higher due to continuing massive rollouts and being the ones who will support these "making money" when they break and need repair. Ecotality does more than just sell chargers for public use. They also sell for commercial and the home. And since they build these as well as install and support, they profit from each phase of the life cycle of a charger, while at the same time fostering good relations and customer loyalty with their customers. Ecotality realizes that they might need a little extra funds as they transition from the future lessening of DOE funds (we don't know when it will come, but it eventually will) so having the shelf filing on standby is no doubt an excellent safety mechanism to make sure those funds are available, whether it is used or not. It hurts the investor, though, because we don't know if or when dilution will occur, but the possibility continues to loom around us. All in all, Ecotality is trying to ensure they have a solid foundation to make sure this transition is possible when needed.

      Stuck on 8k cars monthly.....I think this has a lot to do with what grleroy mentioned. Nissan can't keep up with production and it seems this is the ev of choice. Other models are available but many people are willing to wait for a Nissan instead of just getting what's available. I personally think imports are much more sexy. ;)

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      • I am only concerned about dilution, when selling stock, is the only cash flow keeping a company alive, but selling stock to speed up installation of charging units which are future cash cows, I'm all for it.. They will double from ~4000 units to 8000 charging units quicker than we know. And in the back of my mind, I think they are a possible buy out. All can happen anytime. Hope you have a core position.

      • Johnboy.Another great thoughtfull post

      • Next year or two revenue from chargers will be several million annually, no more.....there could be some truth in that but revenue will no doubt compound as more EVs get on the road and charging stations become more available. We'll have to wait and see what earnings are this time but Ecotality's partnership with ChargePoint will no doubt start paying off as soon as they have their Collaboratev business off the ground. There's no doubt lots of software development and quality assurance left to be done, and this is time consuming even with the most talented programmers. With a quality program joining two quality companies, great things are bound to happen.

        I have to admit, I get a little nervous about this stock from time to time, but I have to remind myself why I love this stock so much, weigh the pros and the cons, to keep my spirits up. I've roughed tough waters with this company, but feel that its all been worth it, both monetarily and knowing that I am part of something that could change the way we carry out a major part of our everyday lives.

    • You sound like someone shorting the stock ....
      What was ECTY loss last quarter ? - 0.2 cents... Why is Nissan considering going from 2 shifts to 3 shifts to produce the Leaf ? Why did TSLA stock just jump to $150 a share ...

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      • I have been a lurker and decided to post first time. Tried to make new topic but don't see my post. I see great promise with this company, their potential to be bought out and their potential to grow very fast. Both positives. I am going to post several links to articles. Gems. You are in a great investment that will see a stock price above $2 again with patience. Everyone wants to flip this thing but a core position is important to keep IMHO. ECTY is now moving into the ATLANTA area big time and I'm telling you to buy while you can, cause this stock is not staying in the 1 handle area much longer. The charger companies are carving up market share. google Atlanta and EV charging

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Didn't think sleek would be the one with this post. But maybe his sentiment is buying the rumor, selling the reality?

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