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  • jhfrance jhfrance Aug 12, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    My letter to the DOE

    As a private investor in Ecotality and by default the EV project, I feel completely blindsided by today's developments. My, as well as many other investors belief that this government backed project was destined for success was crushed today. For the DOE to pull the plug on this company is a slap in the face to those who believe in the government's willingness to lessen it's reliance on fossil fuels and promote environmental well-being. The fact the DOE ceases funding on the very same day that Ecotality cites possible bankruptcy leads me to believe that their imminent failure was known and was willfully kept from it's investors. This type of possible collusion is unacceptable. The fact that the DOE only posts articles which are positive has now obviously shown a blatant willingness to ignore the truth and allow investors to continue to invest in an absolutely failing initiative. I am furious with Ecotality for their failure. But I am more infuriated by the federal government's failure to alert the general investing public of this impending failure. This administration as far as I can tell is alot of hard, progressive talk with weak, duplicitous follow-through. How can investors continue to believe in the DOE given this underhanded chain of events?

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    • a superb letter that represents many heartbroken small investors.

    • The letter sounds good, but it was ECTY that was holding back the truth ...If only ECTY could of made it through another year, I believe everything would of been quite different ...
      I have come to a conclusion that it was the melting of the charger receptacles news over the pass month that may have brought this company down ...That news may slow public charging down ...ECTY will need to upgrade the lvl 3 fast chargers receptacles ...

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      • You are stupid. They do not have any money. If you can read financials, it tells you this. You and all the others need to learn to read financials before investing in any company

      • The fact that the DOE is so quick to halt financing not only shows their discontent with that particular situation. It also shows just how far away our gov't. "truly" is on decreasing our collective reliance on fossil fuels. This setback just ensured big oil getting at least a 1 yr reprieve on decreased earnings. Fire up gas prices again, because the alternative is perpetually delayed. "What we've got here is, failure to communicate. Which is the way he wants it....well, he gets it." -Ceol Hand Luke

    • Keep writing letters

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      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Well after doing hours of reading tonight, I do see some DOE issues that pushed ECTY into their current situation ...The DOE is currently going to study the problems with Ecotality.. Will anything come out it, I have no idea ...
        Just from what I read, millions of dollars were wasted (looted) by ex-CEO Jon Read before he was fired ...
        The main problem came down to the cost of installing each public charger ..Without the retailer splitting the bill of a install, Ecotality was limited in what they could do and ran out of money ..