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  • moneymax3001 moneymax3001 Aug 12, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    I've done a tremendous amount of work...

    for one capacitor building plant here in Florida and I know about charging/discharging the same in testing type setups. We never relied on those type connectors which are shown in the charging handle of this unit.. in our testing setups a quick charge would be applied to the caps with a spring loaded point of contact and the result would be available in the matter of secs. Now of course with higher amperage and such for a faster charge... you would require a larger amount of contact area... unless it would be such as the inductive coil types which require no such contact to the vehicle.. if you do this inductive type.. it would require AC charging station to the vehicle then on the vehicle end you would have a dc power supply to charge any batteries... I think I'll just start to build this type system.. to everyone's amazement.. it may only be a bicycle at first.. but that's ok.. at least I'll have a system that works.. Now please do tell me ... why are we using a low current type connector for such a high amperage type system? I'm still to the liking of battery transfer stations over a charging station... as then you can re-charge batteries at a slower rate. Anyone who knows battery charging will tell you.. the faster you charge a battery the less life you shall have from it. Therefore... charging and changing the batteries as a unit would be the total solution for this charging problems.. please let me know of a company who is developing this type of affair or the induction type... thanks maxwell

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    • I'm sure they shall find the right person to oversee this new development in the charging systems. I'm sure the Goverment will change their position on outlaying of funds to one of the fastest growing co. in this sector. I'm sure some investor/benefactor/partner will step up to the plate to fund this idea into the next few years where all oil fired cars shall be a thing of the past. Why isn't Disney getting into this act and provide awl there peeps with an electric vehicle to go to each attraction. WOW... look at the volume of peeps who would love to rent one to go around Disney with their own little electric car!! hehe maxwell

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