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  • grleroy grleroy Aug 14, 2013 5:33 AM Flag

    DOE and Ecotality are still in talks ..Some of you peope who have written this stock off may be in for a surprise.

    Im not sure why each public charger plus labor was costing $15000 each, but ECTY was getting stretched financially thin in trying to build and maintain 12000 chargers even with partnerships and the DOE help ...
    Then when connectors started to melt and thefts of cables became overwhelming expensive to replace, Ecotality went to the DOE and ask for more money, they refused .. So Ecotality is now playing the BK cry wolf routine with the DOE ..
    Will the DOE come to the rescue ? I have no idea ... It will be interesting in how this plays out ...
    I noticed some articles stating that all 12000 charger receptacles need to be replaced, thats not true @ all...In fact some of the bad ones have already been replaced and some cars owners got reimbursed for their damage ..
    Ecotality will have their chance with the DOE in explaining just what it needs financially to continue on with the expansion ...
    Ecotality it turns out was just to small of company to take on such of a large project, they thought that with the DOE money that all cost would be covered ..
    Im glad I got my garage charger upgraded and check out a few months back, paid for by Blink, but then you need to realize that all the garage chargers might have had the same thing done and that must of been expensive..

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    • And there has been some quality issues too. Good Luck to all holders !

    • I had the same thought exactly Leroy. This could go to 2 dollars on a news headline about new financing from the Department of Energy.

    • You need help!!!! Stick to driving your car and do not invest in something you know nothing about. If you were the Govt, would you rescue a company who has lied to you? I was on the inside and know all the workings of this company. You lost so much money in this company, you paid for your free charger. In less than a month, this company will fill for bankruptcy and by the end of the year be just a bad memory.

    • This is why... "the Company may need to file a petition commencing a case under the United States Bankruptcy Code as part of any such process or otherwise in the VERY NEAR FUTURE." If they file for bankruptcy this goes to 0. So if you are going to take that chance I would just recommend putting in money that you won't miss too much. This company is along was away from making big money if they do survive, so I'm on the sidelines. I will keep watching to see what unfolds. Wish you grleroy and all the longs good luck.