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  • grleroy grleroy Aug 27, 2013 7:43 PM Flag

    I have been on the sidelines now for 2 weeks with ECTY ...

    I felt like this was going to take well over 30 days to settle and Ill take my huge tax loss ... This may take me close to 2 years of trading to recover in what I loss here .. I have already contacted a attorney and expect to get (0) back from that ...
    Kind of funny in that I trade stocks that bomb big time and then wait for the bounce...I never thought that I would own one that was going to bomb, so I was totally caught off guard with ECTY ...
    Interesting to see ECTY up in AF ... I believe that ECTY will trade in the 0.30-0.40 range in the next few months..
    I can not trade ECTY until Sept 14th for tax reason, so Ill just be watching the price and reading post until that date ..

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    • one of the last times you posted grle was on the Monday when your large limit buy like at 1.30 got executed at 26c and you made some money on it. I guess you sold out of most or all of the rest of your position and now are waiting for the wash sale period to expire.I think most of us know by sept 14 we could be anywhere from 5cents to 65 or 75 cents.Throw those dice .

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      • Hi CPA .. Im not sure what you did in the way of trading here for tax reasons, but I felt it was best to get out when I did and use the losses to cover taxes for the future ...
        I had my best year ever in trading stocks, but my ECTY loss was so large that I may have a large negative for the year ..
        You know whats funny about my buy @ 1.30 going off @ 0.26.someone else got caught @ 1.05 as the first trade of the day and then I believe it sunk to the 0.20s and ended in the 0.30s ..

    • hey az bud. good to hear from you. Folks az imo is the most honest poster we have..Grle and john and markie mark and guy and others.We all knew things were not kosher here with the silence and the shelf and the postpone of shareholder meeting.The handwriting was on the wall but we just did not act on it. I made one post enumerating my concerns but only sold a little bit the Friday before black Monday.i would imagine ravi Shankar threw the kitchen sink in the 8k. Makes little sense not to.That being said we did bounce from like 24 or 25c up to 42c during black Monday.If I had to guess I think marxe was done selling this morning and is out of ecty. Just a guess.Hope the reason for the gain and volume today was a leak of a buyout though.ajs post was the post of the day. mms taking a lunch break.

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      • Don't forget to put yourself in the list of good, honest posters CPA. You were preaching right before it happened. We just didn't listen. I'm on the sidelines with you grleroy. I've got until Sept. 12 then may consider this again depending on where its at. I sold enough to roughly break even with my taxes, but left enough so that if this made a complete reversal, buy-out, etc, that I could still benefit from that. With the little value of the stock, it didn't make sense to sell much more than what taxes would necessitate.

    • BooHoo....take a number on being underwater with this one. If you're going to sell, see ya later. Nice to know that you'll be lawyering up, is that gonna cost ya too?

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