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  • optionsfan optionsfan Aug 30, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    Up 63.5% This Week!

    Yes, the 27 cents regular market close sucks but it sure is much better than the 16.51 cent closing price last Friday! It did much better than alot of other stocks this week too. Lots of day and swing traders close positions on Fridays, especially a Friday before a holiday weekend. Some people are not in financial situations to hold through the weekend.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • the doe put more than 100 million$ in the company and further the press release of ecty came out on august 12 more than 2 weeks ago].
      till now no bk filing.totally silence.why they not file bk???
      maybe my thoughts are wrong or stupid but the run this week cant caused by a shortsqueeze because in august 15 were the rate just 1 million short.
      well who bought all this shares??gambler daytrader or are there people they know a bit more than us??
      profittaker shorts plus people whose fear to hold shares over the long weekend sold friday.
      absolut understandable because the risk is very high but i am wondering that we still be here.why not under 20 cent?
      imo is there one part and thats the 100 mio$ of the doe.
      if the gouverment would let ecty go to bk they also would flushing all the money of the doe into the toilet.
      remember for solyndra and the huge discussions in washington after they filed bk .this part was a disaster for obama because taxpayers were very upset about this and the republicans used this story a lot against obama later .
      i guess ecty is in negotiations with the gouverment and maybe buyers.
      something must be in the bush if they not file bk till the stockmarket opens on tuesday.

    • saltwaternurse Aug 30, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

      Yes, quite right! At least we have motion and volume right now even if compared to yesterday it's not the direction we'd prefer. I think it's like steering a boat, without some speed through the water, you Can't. And besides, many would kill for 63.5%. Good point.