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  • brian20101963 brian20101963 Aug 30, 2013 9:30 PM Flag

    Drove by Ecotality in Phoenix about 4 pm today

    ...OK, it's the Friday before a long weekend, so I wasn't expecting much, but....
    The place looks like a fortress-- all gated up, -- you can't get to the front door to even ring the doorbell, because the gates are already closed and locked. You can't even get to the public chargers on the Ecotality parking lot--locked up, despite the sign saying the lot is open to the public till 5 pm. I'm not sure if the parking lot across the street with razor wire and ominous "guard dog is trained to attack" sign is Ecotality's, but there are 3 or 4 Leafs there, plugged in, and they don't appear to be in a state where people are dropping by every day to use them. Tried ringing the doorbell for the dock and the employee entrance, and nobody showed. Again, it's Friday afternoon prior to Labor Day, but something tells me that I could have gone by any day this week and found the same...
    All told I'm in the red about 4k, and was one time up nearly 7k. Hurts, this one.

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    • Brian, Your dismal description is very vivid and depressing. We know that they laid-off many of their employees, that they have deceived their investors and are avoiding any communication. We know too, that they claim not to have the funds to replace defective charger connectors (perhaps as many as 12.000) and that they will not get further funding by the DOE. They have thus far been unsuccessful in attracting possible buyers and sales. It seems that their physical lay-out reeks of failure and perhaps desertion. Yet, I and many others continue to hold although we had a chance to maintain a small fraction of our cost. last Thursday, but held on thinking the rising PPS and volume may be the result of a leakage of good news. Desperately, we cling to our shares, knowing the odds of avoiding bankruptcy are heavily against us. Next week should reveal the inevitable or magically, the flare of a glimmer of hope.

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      • hey aj. Great summary of the present situation.I would only differ with one word in your post.(heavily). imho I may have used the word heavily the day of and 1 week after black monday,Now that its been 3 full trading weeks since the 8k i would say its about even bk vs. something else and better than even of no bk if no bk pr is released prior to Tuesdays mkt open.Is there a white knight in our cards?Do all those chargers get abandoned.?Maybe our newest board of director can work magic with his govt contacts and help pull a bunny rabbit out of the hat.And grle.Obamas news talk this pm should bode very well for the futures and market next Tuesday...

    • That's interesting Brian .. Could you please keep us updated on this ... I just had jury duty in the downtown area and was told to look for that building to charge up at, but was warned they lock the gates @ 5pm ..
      Thanks to a new battery in the Leaf I was able to make the 90 mile trip with no problem ..
      I only wish now I had checked out the Ecotality building before jury duty was completed ..