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  • saltwaternurse Sep 3, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    Dear Goddess Fortuna...

    This morning, while checking for any news on the ECTY website and other sources, I was reminded that this really is in the lap of the Gods. There's no amount of wishing, hoping or analyzing that is going to change whatever the outcome will be. ECTY is being as parsimonious with communication as they've ever been and though it's frustrating, it's neither ominous nor encouraging. That said though, for good measure, I've decided to invoke the power and benevolence of the Gods and Goddesses of Luck and Prosperity as there seems little else to do while we are all waiting to have our fates determined. Couldn't hurt. Right? :) Ps. This is obviously tongue in cheek and merely an attempt to lighten up the mood as we all brace for what today may, or may not, hold.