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  • jhfrance jhfrance Sep 3, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    Law firms are "reminding" shareholders about CA lawsuits

    If your firm has to file a second press release to remind shareholders about joining a CA lawsuit, I would say that means they're not getting too many bites. I consider every one of those press releases to be nothing more than spam. More annoying, is that so many possible investors believe their validity and have essentially frozen the stock's ability to effectively make a recovery. Whether that recovery is on the basis of solid facts or speculation is a non-issue. Even the naysayers can't doubt the company's vision is sound. The fact that they haven't executed that vision properly is disconcerting. But, they are still the industry's best option moving forward. Comments? I'm sure there are many. Forgive me in advance for attempting to invoke a discussion based on fact rather than conjecture.

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    • I was just looking at Tampa Electric's web site and they said its cheaper to run your car on electric than on gas. So I checked to see if there were any charging stations in New Jersey or Pa where I usually drive and found an article about Ecotality charging stations actually pretty close to my neighborhood. Question for those of you who are in the know on this subject what is the most common, reliable and inexpensive brand for electric vehicles, I think I want to go out and look at one. What percentage of market does ECTY have for charging stations and is electric fuel in fact less expensive per mile than gasoline. I'm going to walk over and look at one of their charging stations now. Is there any possibility that this technology won't survive and should I buy a hybrid just in case? Any info you have is helpful, seems like a really good idea.

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      • You are correct in your assumption that electric fueling is cheaper...for now. There lies the rub. Once EVs become populated enough to be profitable, just imagine all the hands that will be skimming the pot. Electricity will see a tax increase, which will raise your KwH rate. Realistically in the end, electric charging will not be as major of a savings as expected. Tax breaks for EVs will come to an end eventually. But rest easy, you're saving the environment, right?

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    • Sounds good to me! Happy trading.

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