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  • the company alerts us today (or tomorrow) that earnings followed by a CC will be reported Monday, I believe that will be a sign that something hopeful is afoot. They have not given investors that courtesy in the past and to step out of the shadows to announce the filing of bankruptcy is unheard of as such a declaration is usually made without prior notice.

    The IR had stated that calls made to the main office are recorded and forwarded to the IR office for response, there was no mention of the forthcoming 9/9 earnings report. Shortly after , the San Francisco office returned my call directly and confirmed the scheduled ER. It appears that a change had taken place in the short interim regarding the call back arrangement. Perhaps what sparked the change may be of a positive nature that will be revealed Monday. alert appears today or tomorrow, I will still believe that something meaningful and positive will be shared with us Monday which is quite a change from the pessimistic outlook the has been increasing the
    past three weeks.

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    • Waiting for a press release announcing ER

    • saltwaternurse Sep 5, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

      I agree with you that the scheduling of the ER/CC on 9/9 appears to be an indication of something positive in the works. Why make it seem like business as usual when clearly they have been having some fairly monstrous issues? I really cannot fathom what the point of that would be unless it was merely to extend commercial interest in the Company for a bit longer to either present it as a viable buyout or for the Insiders to cash out their remaining stocks. Technically I suppose, there would be no wrong doing in that, even if it was somewhat misleading. If there's no serious rescue plans in place already, I doubt that the two trading days left prior to the announcement would be enough time to radically alter the lay of the land, so surely it's not just posturing. I'm going to hope that this scheduled release and the direct contact from HQ yesterday is an indication that ECTY is still breathing right now and that we still have a chance and recouping some of the losses. Positive thoughts...++++++++

    • If you are telling the true and they will report er Monday, then nothing you have to worry about, is it really good news, there are no way a company going to BK will still report er!!