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  • paganplunder paganplunder Sep 6, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    grleroy: If the DOE Kills Ecty

    Not only will it be mud on their face but grleroy brought up a good point... it would cost the DOE a ton more money to clean up the mess than it would to simply let ECTY finish out the contract.
    Basically, ECTY needs to find a million bucks cash to clean up this mess - labor dispute.

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    • Both ECTY and the DOE over estimated the amount of E-Cars that would be on the road in 2013, this is where the cash flow problem came in ... Both sides need to come together and project what its going to take to make it through the next couple of years to get to profitability ..
      The DOE has its back to the wall, they either need to pay up to ECTY or another company ...
      I believe that there could be lawsuits brought on by both the DOE and ECTY against the company who made the inferior charge nozzles that were over heating and melting ...I wonder if they were made in China ...