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  • ajcee ajcee Sep 6, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    Monday, Monday!

    Monday will be a day of truth, or will it?The HQ FAX number is disconnected, the IR company has been dismissed, the company's phone is answered by a tape asking for name and message, stating that someone will return your call, except no one does. I did receive a call back two days ago by someone who confirmed the ER date for Monday, but further attempts by myself and Capt.RN were not realized.

    The company's failure to communicate with its investors leaves us with many questions:

    1- Will they really report Monday,or is this just another delaying tactic to string us along with the insiders hoping to see a rise in the PPS so they can dump their shares?

    2- . Was the return call I received last Wednesday legitimate, or a prank by a disgruntled employee?

    3- The cut off of all communications is a sure sign of impending bankruptcy filing, certainly an action they wouldn't take if the DOE would reverse its refusal to continue funding, or are they preparing to announce the start of a buy-out?

    4- Have they worked-out a restructuring plan which includes an offering or partnership with a strong company?

    Reading the above, its obvious that I am on the threshold of paranoia and wishful thinking, Let me attempt to answer the raised questions with a more objective and rational approach:

    1- If they do report Monday, it will not be a declaration of bankruptcy but a statement that they are still attempting to restructure, seeking a buy-out or offering.
    2- The woman I spoke with tried to be accommodating and sounded sincere.
    3- They are attempting to cut expenses, reducing personnel and using voice mail and ending their IR relationship, ( but disconnecting their FAX???)
    4- Not probable, but not impossible either.

    Screw it, the above is the workings of a confused mind hoping to find some clarity by Monday evening!

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    • I agree with your sentiments. Disconnecting the fax number is the most alarming...that is going a bit too far to save on costs IMO but maybe they are getting alot of faxes that they don't want to receive and that they don't want to feel liable for (because the senders receive sent receipts with date, time, and copy of first page content). Who knows!

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      • You raise a good point which is logical. There's no question that they are playing an avoidance game. If it is just a stall until something positive occurs, that will be fine, but experience tells me otherwise.But as you say, "who knows" or as Lamont Cranston used to say in the old radio program," Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows!"

        BTW, Both swnurse and I called HQ today with no luck in getting a response. Monday will speak for itself.

    • saltwaternurse Sep 6, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

      Yeah, feeling all of that. And that's precisely why I left it alone today. It's driving me a little bonkers. And it's a waste of my energy, it's not like worrying about it will fix it. And I also know that for me, I'm still chomping on the bone that it MIGHT all be ok in the end, so I'm not ready to bail yet which makes my mind machinations even more absurd. I'm going to put it on ice over the weekend and resume the gear grinding on Monday. Or at least, that's the plan. :) Dollars to donuts I'll be back on here musing at some!