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  • charlesm78 Sep 15, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

    Ecty reducing power at charging stations to try and fix the problem

    A funding shortage is forcing Ecty to address a software malfunction within
    No, it's a hardware physical defect (poor crimp leading to overheating plug at high current), not a software glitch.

    Blink Level 2 stations that expend more than 30 amps
    No, Blink L2 stations are rated for 30A, no more.

    The problem was discovered August 9.
    No, the problem has been known since at least Dec 2012.

    Deliver as many as 20 miles of driving range per charging hour
    Miles/hour is a lousy way of describing L2 charge rate except to the non-technical. Never mind that one can easily get a rate of more than 20 miles/hour - 25+ miles/hour at 240V/30A is not difficult to do.

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