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  • jmcp1973 jmcp1973 Sep 15, 2013 3:00 PM Flag

    What are we talking about? In my humble opinion...

    I am the Sales Manager of a multi-national high-end battery manufacturer company that for among others, the automotive market.

    I am also involved in another company to develop a "new" battery technology intended mainly for 2 sectors: Energy Storage & Automotive.

    I am also involved in a project that develops batteries for scooters that includes a charger. Here, you can replace the batteries when they are depleted and you do not have to wait for any charge. The chargers are to be placed in the gas stations (whose owners have seen themselves the potential) as many other places...

    Should you require more details:

    What are we talking about with ECTY & CCGI?

    - No private company can take by themselves the deployment of such a network for such a country like USA.
    - The main reason why people do not buy e-cars is the lack of infrastructure. Here, in US or Beijing!
    - As the goverment did in the pasts with the roads, they have to lead the investment on the infrastructure and it will be paid back through taxes from both the users and e-cars manufacturers (and workers who assemble them) and all associatted industry. This is the EV project.
    - ECTY was getting big incomes from DoE and have been in positive numbers twice due to this.
    - ECTY has important shareholders like ABB and many important partners we all know.
    - CCGI has 14 employees, no income, no product, no nothing just buying others product and sell it... and its value is around 70 M$ while ECTY is 6 M$... and besides all of this I have to read that CCGI is the business model it has to be followed!!!!

    For me, ECTY's stock has over-reacted. No BK has been filled out yet and all they are asking, after hiring DoE's chief of Staff, is more money to cotinue operations.

    I am not sure what will happen: BK, bailout or merge but no infrastructure means no sells for e-cars and ECTY's fail is Goverment fail due to EV project... does this make sense? To me, EV project is the key to solve the equation.

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    • If anyone has more information on tomorrow's meeting from the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, please advise. I only have a portion of the article but there is a meeting to happen tomorrow to discuss Ecotality.

      The article is on the environmental leader website

      Anyone who has access to the rest of this might like to share for any insight as to what exactly will be discussed. This might be what we have all been waiting for?!?!

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    • Facts you are not aware of: 1: ECTY has never been in positive earning number due to pure EV sales or DOE money. The two quarters they made a profit were due to non operational revenue, one time events. 2: The EV project is in the final stages for Ecotality. That doesn't mean other company in the EV project build out are ending. Ecotality was the first to start the project and one of the first to end it. There are numbers of companies building out the infrastructure. Call the Company, they will verify this information. So yes, The DOE can let this company go into BK, because there role in the grant build out is 95% complete.

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      • 1. Profit is profit! This kind of companies are strongly supported by subsidies and they take it because is there. If not ECTY it would have been another one. Could it have been done better??? Possibly yes but Goverment provides money for projects that, in any way, could have not been done without it... you can see hundreds of examples: roads, trains, space, areonautics... e-cars is the next step and I can accept that ECTY can go BK but this will not stop the revolution. However, let me insist that no infrastructure means no sales in e-cars so, Administration must make a move and this is EV project. Is ECTY doing wrong by claiming more money to continue developing EV project that is almost finished? I do not think so and it will not be the first time that happens... other story is whether they will succeed or not!

        2. If my understanding is correct, the numbers are true (assets vs. liabilities, 3.5 M$ cash + 8 M$ extra got in June) + hiring of the DoE's Chief of Staff... I strongly believe that ECTY is asking to make EV project much larger, i.e. expand the network for more states and they see that w/o more subsidies it is a question of time to go BK... but I do not see it from one day to another TODAY.

        Finally, FACTS: the sales in e-cars are growing and are in levels never seen before + there is 1 gas station per every 1,400 cars... more e-cars will require more charging stations and ECTY has been awarded to lead EV project in public competiton!!!

        So, yes, there are more charger manufacturers but they were not eligible to carry out EV project. Therefore, why let ECTY go BK now after they proved they are capable? Could it happen? YES... but it will be difficult to justify by the Goverment.

        This is my opinion and I can be totally wrong, of course.

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    • U got me thinking.Maybe in some form the govt takes us over.I think though mgmt has to get axed for that to happen.

    • one of the top three

    • One of the best posts I've read on this board.

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      • Hi Options, I have been reading with pleasure you and others' posts (specially our favorite nurse) in this forum since black monday.

        Only time will tell us the thruth...

        Whether me or us are right or not is the less important... the most important part is to develop, truly develop, a new way of transporting more efficient (heat engines are the less efficient!), environmental friendly, top technological... Ecty can be a very important part of this... if it continues, we will all finantially win short term... but if Ecty dies, some other will take the lead... but why someone else while you have already the expertise, experience and products???

        Something does not make sense in this company that, today, I still do not understand.

        You all keep the spirit up!!!